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Get managed SharePoint services on Azure from a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider that has 15 years of cloud hosting experience in providing Managed SharePoint solutions.

  • White glove service at every stage - planning, migration, deployment, operations, maintenance
  • Fully managed solution on an ongoing basis
  • 24/7 support via phone, chat, email
  • Migration handled by Microsoft-certified Azure experts
  • Hybrid solutions for on-premise, Office 365 or other platforms
  • SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 hosted on Azure

Move SharePoint in the Azure cloud with Apps4Rent. Our rich experience in SharePoint hosting, Managed Azure services, migration expertise enables us to provide the best possible service for deploying SharePoint on Azure. Get the best out of SharePoint when you migrate it to Azure.

Benefits of migrating SharePoint to the Azure cloud

Save Costs

Be secure

Scale at any point

Available anytime

Integrate with ease

No hardware procurement costs

There is no need for hardware (servers) maintenance. Since Azure contains all the infrastructure and required services, there are practically zero hardware procurement costs.

Reduce operational expenses

You are billed only when your deployed resources are running, so you actually pay only for what you use. The predictable pricing helps you to save the costs of SharePoint operations.

Excellent availability

The infrastructure can be up and running instantly, also allowing the configuration of test and development environments. With Azure, the user is not limited to one physical place as the system can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Superior scalability

Scalability of resources is one of the principal reasons why organizations migrate SharePoint on Azure. The resources can be scaled in either way, horizontally or vertically, for productive deployment.

Reliable and secure

As per Microsoft, there are 36 Azure regions in the world. Select your own geographical location that meet your compliance. With SharePoint on Azure, disaster recovery is very quick, and failovers are instant.

Hybrid integration

You get the complete flexibility with Azure on all kinds of SharePoint environments. Until you're satisfied, start migrating small parts to Azure before moving the entire SharePoint setup in the cloud.

SharePoint on Azure Hosting Scenarios

Test/Development environments

If you are working on test/development environments in SharePoint, hosting it on Azure cloud is generally a good idea. Create a SharePoint farm environment quickly with the use templates and disable it once the use is over. Before putting it on the productive environment, many companies now use Azure as the staging environment to test their solutions.


SharePoint on Azure is not just limited to test environments. In combination with Azure Active Directory and customer account management, it is easy to publish and share pages in productive environments with SharePoint on Azure. Due to Geo-distribution in Azure, the loading time is faster even during periods of high traffic. There are 36 Azure regions globally.

Disaster Recovery

SharePoint in Azure is beneficial when it comes to Disaster Recovery scenarios. In case of emergency situations, you can rapidly switch environments in Azure to any geographical location in the world. Your farm is restored quickly once your productive environment is struck with a disaster.

SharePoint on Azure – How is it worth the investment?

If you are keen on expansion of your current SharePoint infrastructure, or have plans in mind for a new SharePoint farm, hosting SharePoint on Azure is the best solution for you.

We can quickly deploy SharePoint for our customers with Azure SharePoint farm templates – both internally and externally. By moving SharePoint in Azure, the operational costs are drastically reduced as billing is done as per usage of deployed resources. With Azure, you pay only for what you use. If you work in test and development environments, SharePoint on Azure is particularly useful for those environments. It is also very interesting in Disaster Recovery scenarios. Azure provides smooth integration of applications with SharePoint, which makes it easier to scale up and connect with other applications.

Why choose Apps4Rent as a partner for hosting SharePoint on Azure?

Fully Managed SharePoint on Azure lifecycle

With Apps4Rent’s fully managed lifecycle for SharePoint on Azure, you can be rest assured that your SharePoint is in safe hands. Our team consists of Azure experts, SharePoint experts, migration experts who work together to provide a satisfying service to our customers. Out team is with you at every step in your lifecycle for SharePoint on Azure: Planning, Assessment, Migration, Deployment, Operations, Management.

More than 15 years of experience

Apps4Rent has more than 15 years of experience in designing and managing infrastructure of various types and various sizes. Since a decade, Apps4Rent has been providing SharePoint servers right from SharePoint 2007 to the latest SharePoint 2019. Apps4Rent is the go-to partner when it comes to hosting SharePoint. Besides, we charge no fee for the SharePoint setup. Combining our rich SharePoint hosting experience with our migration and Azure expertise, we have better credentials to host SharePoint on Azure than most of the providers out there.

24/7 expert support by Microsoft-certified professionals

If you face any questions related to SharePoint or managed Azure services, you can contact our Support 24/7/365 via phone, chat, or email. We respond within 15 minutes with a quick resolution thereafter. We dedicate a single point of contact for every account which avoids any communication gaps to promote a quality service experience.

Best pricing for Managed Azure services

Our Managed Azure plans are carefully designed and tailored to your usage needs. We have three Azure plans – Basic, Advanced, and Professional. When it comes to hosting SharePoint on Azure, the pricing depends on your requirements of the services. Our onboarding services include hassle-free migration. We provide zero downtime while the migration is in the process. Contact us to know more.

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The on-boarding services at Apps4Rent provide you trouble-free migration. Our SharePoint and Azure experts will scrutinize, brainstorm, and evaluate your requirement and create a flexible migration plan for all your accounts. We provide zero downtime while the migration is in the process. Host SharePoint on Azure with Apps4Rent today!



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