Hosted Virtual Desktop with vGPU

High Performance with vGPU. Super-Fast SSD Storage.

User Friendly

Fully Managed

You get fully managed servers where we take care of installing patches, upgrade OS, and install cumulative updates. It also includes 24/7 constant monitoring of critical services and overall health.

Operates just like your traditional desktop

Experience the same familiarity as using your software on your physical desktop. Our hosted desktops offer the choice of Windows 7, 8, or 10 look-and-feel, with the option to include a dedicated vGPU.

Accessible anywhere, on all leading devices

Access your software seamlessly from your home, office, or while on the move. It's available on Mac, PC, Chromebooks, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, ensuring you can keep your accounts up to date from anywhere

Local device compatibility

Looking to print from your Virtual Desktop to a local printer? You can effortlessly establish connections with your printer and various other external devices, including scanners, multiple monitors, storage, and hard drives.

Ensured Safety, Security, and Dependability

Get Virtual Desktop with 99.9% uptime

We understand the importance of your Virtual Desktop always being available. That's why we adhere to the industry-standard service level of 99.9% uptime, which is the same level of service guaranteed by Microsoft for Office 365.

Data backup on
high-speed SSD

Your data stored on the Cloud Desktop receives daily incremental backups and weekly full backups, all securely hosted on high-speed SSD storage. This protective measure ensures the integrity of your data in the event of hardware or software failures.

Secured with Windows
Defender & Firewall

We know that customer data can be vulnerable to hackers, malware, and viruses. Our Virtual Desktop is protected by a best-of-the-breed firewall and anti-virus software Windows Defender.

Based in top-tier data centers

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted within data centers certified with SSAE 16 standards, located in New York City and New Jersey, adhering to the rigorous redundancy and security requirements of major banks and financial institutions.

Adaptable to Your Requirements

Adjust users as per your needs

As your business evolves, so do your needs. Our highly flexible plans are tailored to accommodate your changing requirements. You can easily increase or decrease the number of users, RAM, storage, vCPUs, or vGPU at any point during your subscription.

No lengthy contract commitments

We do not impose long-term contracts on our customers. We operate on a 'pay-as-you-go' model, allowing you to pay on a monthly basis. This includes complimentary setup and is backed by a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Integrate third-party apps on the desktop

Alongside our software offerings, you have the flexibility to incorporate various third-party Windows applications into our cloud-based Virtual Desktop. Your Virtual Desktop comes with a selection of pre-installed free applications and tools for your convenience.

Round-the-clock expert support

Should you encounter any technical issues on our Virtual Desktop, our expert support team is available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, or email. We strive to respond within 15 minutes, ensuring a swift resolution to your concerns.

Incorporating All Features

vGPU for improved performance

If you use graphics-intensive applications, adding a virtual GPU on Cloud will improve graphics, stream faster, and render quickly. With vGPUs, the overall computing performance is augmented.

Preloaded with free tools and applications

Your Virtual Desktop comes with a selection of pre-installed free applications, including Firefox, Chrome, IE, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Remote Desktop, MS Paint, Notepad, Windows Media Player, Notes, and Open Office.

Install other apps free of cost

Apart from your subscription software, add other apps that integrate with your software without paying anything extra. Unlike our competitors, we do not impose additional charges for hosting these extra applications.

Office 365 ProPlus available

Office 365 ProPlus includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Skype for Business, 1 TB space/user on OneDrive for Business. Get Office 365 ProPlus at $15.75/user/month.

Quality Service at Low Price

Saves cost on IT expenses

By paying a fixed monthly subscription fee, keep your IT spend in check rather than paying for unpredictable IT costs. Virtual Desktop is a good idea if your IT expenditure fluctuate big time.

Experienced player in hosting business

Apps4Rent has a decade of expertise in cloud hosting, making us an experienced player in the industry. Over the years, we have successfully hosted a diverse array of applications and software on our virtual desktops, allowing us to deeply grasp and cater to the unique needs of our valued customers.

Microsoft-certified CSP

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and a Tier-1 CSP for Office 365 and Azure, we possess a deep understanding of the cloud business. What sets us apart is our team's valuable experience, with some members having previously worked directly at Microsoft, providing us with unparalleled expertise in this field.

Over 10,000 customers served

Having catered to more than 10,000 customers, spanning various industries, across over 90 countries in the past 15 years, we proudly distinguish ourselves as Apps4Rent – a cloud hosting company like no other.

Serving Over 10,000 Businesses Across 90+ Countries

Use Cases

Move your Game Engine Software Online

With a virtual desktop, take online popular game engine software such as: Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine, GameMaker, Construct, Cocos2D, and more.

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Access Live Production and Streaming Apps from the Cloud

Record video and stream live events with a virtual desktop using apps such as: OBS Studio, VLC Media Player, WebEx, Zoom, XSplit, Twitch, Discord and more.

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Move your Engineering Design Software on Cloud

Use GPU enhanced virtual desktops to work productively with CAD and engineering software such as: AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Autodesk, 3ds Max, Revit, and more.

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Virtual Desktop

Save 10% on annual payment
  • Grid-powered, fully-burstable
    RAM and vCPU
  • Install Office 365 or Excel
  • 5 GB SSD disk space
    Additional space @ $1/GB/month
  • Customizable for 50+ Order
  • 1 user included in the above price. Option to add users

Virtual Desktop Bronze

Save 10% on annual payment
  • 2 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
  • Install custom applications
  • 40 GB SSD disk space
  • Add vGPU from $30/month
  • 1 user included in the above price. No add-on users
Most Popular

Virtual Desktop Silver

Save 10% on annual payment
  • 4 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
  • Install custom applications
  • 50 GB SSD disk space
  • Add vGPU from $30/month
  • Includes one user
    Additional @$16/user/month

Virtual Desktop Gold

Save 10% on annual payment
  • 8 GB RAM and
    4 vCPUs
  • Install custom applications
  • 65 GB SSD disk space
  • Add vGPU from $30/month
  • Includes one user
    Additional @$16/user/month
Note: Each add-on user gets additional 1 GB RAM.

Benefits of GPU for graphics-based applications

GPU is designed to perform graphics-intensive tasks that improves the performance of streaming applications. Find out more about GPU computing.

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Why Choose Apps4Rent as Your Cloud Hosting Partner?

While numerous cloud providers offer cloud hosting services for Virtual Desktop, only a select few can boast our following achievements:

why apps4rent
  • We take pride in our extensive clientele, having provided our services to over 10,000 businesses, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
  • With over 15 years of experience in the cloud hosting business, our expertise spans various domains, including accounting and tax applications, business applications like Office 365, and comprehensive cloud infrastructure solutions encompassing virtual desktops, servers, and private cloud services.
  • Our storage disk space comprises Solid-State Drive (SSD) devices, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced workloads for technical administrators, and enhanced overall performance.
  • Dedicated vGPU options available to improve your experience further.
  • We are a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365 and Azure in addition to being an authorized Citrix Partner.
  • We offer exceptional 24/7 support through phone, chat, and email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the advantages of adding GPU on a virtual desktop?

GPU is not just limited to customers who use high-end graphics applications on a virtual desktop. If your profession requires you to use a Windows computer in any form, you can benefit from GPU-based virtual desktop offered by Apps4Rent. Your overall computing performance is enhanced by adding GPU on a virtual desktop.

2. How does GPU work on a virtual desktop?

GPU works in conjunction with your server's CPU to enhance the processing performance. You can add dedicated GPUs to your virtual desktops or virtual servers. By running numerous smaller tasks in parallel, GPU takes the load away from CPU. This allows high-end applications that require a lot of computing power to run seamlessly on a virtual desktop.

3. Which applications are supported on GPU-powered virtual desktops?

Apps4Rent supports all Windows-based applications on our virtual desktops. If you are using graphics-intensive applications such as Machine Learning, 2D or 3D Rendering, transcoding, streaming, and gaming on a virtual desktop, you must add GPU to enhance the performance. Your favorite high-end applications located in your Windows desktop can be accessed through remote desktops, laptops, smartphones, Android or iOS devices, and Chromebooks. Local devices like USB devices and printers work normally with the virtual desktops. You can scale the resources such as RAM, vCPU, vGPU, and storage as per your requirement anytime. See a list of cloud applications supported here.

4. Can multiple users simultaneously access the same application on a GPU-powered virtual desktop?

For majority of applications, multiple users can simultaneously use the same software on our virtual desktops. However, some applications may be designed in such a way that only a single user can access it in the Cloud. For the applications that support multiple users, you need at least our Dedicated Virtual Desktop Silver plan, and an appropriate multi-user license for that software. Check with our sales team to know if your application is supported for our higher plans.

5. What are the advantages of Dedicated vGPU plans?

In the Dedicated plan, the entire GPU and its memory are assigned to your virtual desktop or virtual server. They are setup as pass-through and resources are not shared with anyone. When you add a Dedicated GPU to your existing virtual desktop or virtual server-you get the complete horsepower and full benefits of the Nvidia hardware-accelerated GPU.

6. What applications are dedicated GPU best suited for?

The dedicated GPUs are best suited for applications which revolve around VFX, MAYA, video encoding, HD streaming and gaming, high-end rendering, TeraChem, 3D rendering, AutoCAD, Autodesk, CAD software, Photoshop, OBS, and high-graphics applications.

7. Does Apps4Rent offer GPU in public clouds such as Azure?

Yes. Apps4Rent offers CUDA-powered GPU on Azure that can extract as much computing power required for rendering and streaming purposes. Discuss your requirements with us and we'll choose the right solution for you.

8. What GPU architecture is used by Apps4Rent?

Apps4Rent uses Nvidia Maxwell architecture which is one of the most advanced CUDA GPU ever made. It is 3 times faster than its first-generation predecessor with all the architectural benefits including improvements in logic partitioning control, balancing workloads, instruction scheduling, clock-gating granularity, increased instruction per clock cycle, and more. See our vGPU plans.

9. Can I scale resources as per my requirement?

Yes. Your virtual desktop comes with resources such as RAM, vCPU, vGPU, and storage which are scalable as per your requirement.

10. What uptime can I expect with Apps4Rent’s virtual desktop with vGPU?

We guarantee 99.9% uptime, aligning with the industry standard. For example, Microsoft Office 365 offers 99.9% uptime.

11. Does Apps4Rent include SSD and GPU in all the plans?

No. It only comes with SSD by default included in the plan while GPU can be added as an additional resource for better cloud performance at a cost. SSD is a storage device, while GPU is a processor. SSD is more responsive than a non-SSD storage device. With SSD storage, you get a smoother experience while navigating through your virtual desktop as compared to a non-SSD device which may face tiny lags. GPU is used for adding more computing power to a virtual desktop.

12. Do I get 24/7 Support?

Yes. You get 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email from Microsoft-certified engineers. We work like your internal IT team while you focus on your core competencies.

13. Is my data secure and will it be backed up?

Yes. We prioritize the data security of our customers. Our robust firewalls ensure the utmost protection of your critical data. We implement daily incremental backups along with weekly full backups. For organizations with stringent data security and compliance requirements, you can further enhance your security by utilizing Azure Backups to fortify your data protection.

14. Why should I choose Apps4Rent over other hosting companies?

Unlike other providers who may trick you to purchase separate desktops for each user, we do not ask you to purchase separate desktops for separate users. You could always add additional users to your current virtual desktop with our offering. This can reduce your costs by more than 50%. Add to that, our plans are priced at just $24.95/month. We also offer 15-day money back guarantee. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in hosting, content, and collaboration. With more than 10,000 customers including Fortune 500 companies, Apps4Rent is an established name in cloud business since 2003.

Sean, Videographer, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I had a few apprehensions before moving to the cloud. How would it behave on cloud? Would all the features like composition, encoding, recording, broadcasting work fine? Thanks to the Apps4Rent team which worked meticulously to make the process easy for me. "

Joshua, Sr. Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I always prefer Apps4Rent over other Virtual Desktop providers because of the ease I get. Whenever there is even a minor issue, I quickly turn to their representative through phone/chat. Going with Apps4Rent as our cloud hosting partner proved to be a good decision. "

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    H.J.M. Lemmen - Supplier, Manufacturing Company in Stateline, Nevada
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    Jeremy - CPA and Business Owner, Accounting Company in Dallas, Texas
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    Scott - Accountant, Topeka, Kansas
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    Wayne - IT Project Manager, Tech Setup in Washington D.C
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    "Timely, complete, and friendly service getting Excel loaded onto our QB virtual desktop. Great QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service by the team!"
    Joel, Accounts Manager in Columbia, Maryland
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    John - Attorney, Law Firm in Norfolk, Virginia
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