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Azure Based Tomcat on Windows Server

Ideal for quickly building, deploying, and scaling web applications on cloud.

Tomcat is an open-source Java application server that is ideal for cloud deployment. With Azure Tomcat as a service managed-solution by Apps4Rent, organizations can effortlessly build and test Java web applications in the cloud. Our managed services help in minimizing the infrastructure setup and support overhead involved in Apache Tomcat Azure deployment. Contact our Microsoft certified Azure consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for setting up Tomcat with Windows Server on Azure today.

Why Migrate Apache Tomcat to Azure?

Scalable Apache Tomcat Web Apps

Apache Tomcat web apps are much more scalable on Azure as compared to on-premises deployments. The solution allows organizations to add resources seamlessly as business scales.

Automate Load Balancing

Unlike on-premises Apache Tomcat deployments that require a significant amount of manual efforts for capacity provisioning and load balancing, the process can be automated. This can be done with the Azure Traffic Manager.

Consumption-Based Pricing

Deploying Apache Tomcat on-premises can be complex, expensive, and difficult to manage. With Azure's consumption-based model, unnecessary expenses can be eliminated.

Improved Workload

Workloads can be distributed across Azure regions. With features such as geo-redundancy, databases and other workloads can be backed up across different data centers to ensure that they are always production-ready.

What is Required for Hosting Apache Tomcat on Azure?

Azure Services Subscription

Deploying Tomcat with Windows Server on Azure might involve the integration of several different Azure services. This could include Azure Database and Azure Traffic Manager apart from Azure VMs depending upon the architecture.

Azure Infrastructure Preparation

Tomcat on Azure with Windows Server is a custom-built solution. This could involve complex preparation of the Azure infrastructure such as setting up different services and integrating them to work seamlessly.

Workload and Application Migration

Azure Tomcat migration involves provisioning of the necessary instances of various Azure features that are a part of the implementation. After that databases can be migrated, and web apps can be configured.

Application Code Refactoring

The last step of hosting Apache Tomcat on Azure is the application refactoring and post-migration cleanup. This involves the process of updating and reconfiguring resources that run on-premises to be Azure compatible.

Why Apps4Rent for Azure Tomcat Hosting?

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Azure CSP with Gold competency in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Cloud Platform, and Cloud Productivity, among others. Our Azure cloud solutions are endorsed by Microsoft and used by thousands of businesses.

Proven Hosting Experience

Apps4Rent has over 18 years of hosting experience. We have several thousand businesses of various sizes across 90+ countries who are using our services daily to solve their complex business problems.

Fully Managed

Apps4Rent Azure Tomcat hosting is a fully managed service. This implies backend tasks, such as OS patching, capacity provisioning, security updates, and monitoring of resource consumption are actively managed by Apps4Rent.

Round-the-clock Support

Apps4Rent is one of the select Azure managed services providers offering round-the-clock support throughout the year, including public holidays. Our consultants certified by Microsoft are reachable via phone, chat, and email.

Serving Over 10,000 Businesses in More Than 90 Countries

Our Azure Plans

Migration Readiness Plan

1-Day Assessment
On-Premises to Cloud Migration
  • SQL to Azure Migration
  • SharePoint to Azure Migration
  • Exchange to Azure Migration
  • MS Project to Azure Migration
Most Popular

Quick-Fix Administration Plan

2-Hour Implementation
Overage Charges at $95/Hour
  • Installing software stack/3rd party apps
  • Deployment and configuration
  • Optimization/Load balancing
  • Hacked Server Investigation

Server Administration Plan

5-Hour Implementation
Overage Charges at $75/Hour
  • Installing software stack/3rd party apps
  • Deployment and configuration
  • Optimization/Load balancing
  • Hacked Server Investigation

Azure Services Offered by Apps4Rent

Storage & Backup

Get highly secure storage and backup services on Azure including blob, file, and queue storage.

App Hosting

Accelerate your app development by integrating App Service to your existing frameworks.

Disaster Recovery

Get excellent failover and redundancy on Azure with over 50 Azure regions all over the world.

Identity Management

Simplify your ID management process with Azure Active Directory (AD) by providing a single sign-on (SSO).

Infrastructure Management

Meet the growing needs of your business with highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructure on Azure cloud.

Ready-Made Azure Images

Apps4Rent offers over 200 Azure VM images which can be downloaded and used instantly from Azure Marketplace.

Get Over 200+ Ready-Made Azure VM Images at Apps4Rent

Apps4Rent offers over 200 ready-made Azure images which can be used instantly after downloading it from Azure Marketplace for free. If you want to use a particular application on Azure, we have created easy-to-download OS-compatible packages which can save you a lot of installation hassles.

We have packaged over 200 open-source applications which covers a wide range of domains such as Content Management System, CRM, Database, Infrastructure, Platforms and more. Our Azure images are used by top companies including Citrix, Capgemini, Exxon Mobil, ICICI Bank, Palo Alto Networks, Telstra and more.

Check if your application is available here.

Companies using our Azure solutions

Companies using our Azure solutions

Apps4Rent's Azure Support vs Microsoft Support

If you opt for Apps4Rent?s Azure Support, you get the most out of your Azure investments. Our Azure Support is better than Microsoft Support. Here?s why:

Features Apps4Rent Microsoft
Anti-Malware/Antivirus Protection
24/7 Monitoring
Managed OS Hardening
OS Layer File Integrity
Expert Configuration
Unlimited Server Administration
Disaster Management Infrastructure
OS and Application Management
Operating System Security Assessment
Proactive Maintenance
OS Patching
24/7 Expert Support to End-User
Monitoring Event Logs
Offsite Backups
Two-Factor Authentication
Migration Services
Infrastructure Support for Azure

Why Apps4Rent for Hosting Tomcat on Azure?

  • Enables remote access to Tomcat running as a service.
  • There is maximum flexibility for customizing your Tomcat server instance on Azure.
  • Hardened Apache Web Server with Windows Server on Azure.
  • Uninterrupted connection and encrypted browsing experience.
  • Enhanced security features for protection against malware and DDoS attacks.
  • Regular updates for WAR files and security patches.
  • GUI, CLI, and PowerShell options for configuration and customization.
  • Compliant with stringent security standards, and delivered on a highly-secure cloud platform that is protected by enterprise-level SLA.
  • Apps4Rent is a pioneer in providing managed services for hosting Tomcat on Azure Virtual Machines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the advantages of hosting a Tomcat server on Azure?

As web server that powers several large-scale, mission-critical web applications for a wide range of industries and organizations, Tomcat needs a robust, secure, flexible, and highly-available environment. Organizations can no longer rely on their legacy on-premises infrastructure to meet these requirements. With a cloud-hosted Tomcat server, users benefit from higher resource availability and better scalability. Additionally, you can access your Apache Tomcat server from anywhere on the globe.

2. Do I need a license for Apache Tomcat on Apps4Rent VM?

No. Your Tomcat on Azure subscription with Apps4Rent includes the cost of Azure services that would be required for implementing your solution. Apps4Rent will set up your deployment so that you can start the Apache service the moment you sign in. We can further customize the solution on demand.

3. What infrastructure is used for hosting my Apache server on Azure?

As a cloud-native solution, a hosted Apache server on Azure has minimal on-premises infrastructure requirements. You can access the Azure Virtual Machines hosting the Apache server with any internet-enabled device. In addition to hosting a Tomcat server on a public cloud service like Azure, Apps4Rent can also host it in our top-tier datacenters at affordable prices.

4. Why should I use Apps4Rent hosted Tomcat on Windows Server instead of Azure App Service?

Apps4Rent can host Tomcat on Windows Server as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution. In this scenario, there is greater flexibility in terms of the workloads that can be deployed and the degree to which it can be customized. Azure App Service is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution. The ease of use comes at the cost of the deployment flexibility of the former solution which is offset by the managed services provided by Apps4Rent. We can, however, help you deploy Tomcat with Azure App Service and Azure Stack Hub as well.

5. Which version of Windows Server does Apps4Rent use for hosting Tomcat on Azure?

Apps4Rent hosts Tomcat on Azure virtual machines with Windows Server 2016 as a standard practice for its inherent stability. However, our engineers would be happy to install and configure Tomcat on Windows Server 2019 running on Azure.

6. Can Apps4Rent host Tomcat on operating systems other than Windows Server?

Yes. Many users prefer open-source operating systems for hosting Tomcat server. Apps4Rent can also help you deploy Tomcat with other operating systems, such as Ubuntu on Azure.

7. How can Apps4Rent help with hosting Tomcat on Azure?

Apps4Rent is a pioneer in helping businesses adopt cloud solutions. We can help you identify the right Azure service to host your Tomcat server on the cloud, implement and customize it as per your unique requirements. Select one of our managed Azure services plans to get started.

Carl, System Admin, Tampa, Florida

"We could reduce the footprint and overhead of IT operations with the Azure ready solution. We have discarded our old servers. Thanks to the efficient containers, the solution works great on Windows Server 2019. If you have special request, Apps4Rent can help you."

Andres, Developer, St Louis, Missouri

"This IIS solution on Azure was installed perfectly. Just plug in download and go. The layout could be more intuitive, but worked okay nonetheless. Apps4Rent team have done a great job of packaging this solution which saves us a lot of time. As always, support is superb."

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