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MS Project Server Hosting – 2016, 2013 & 2010

Microsoft Project Server is a scalable, Enterprise Project Management (EPM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software that facilitates project teams to manage, prioritize, and monitor projects online. Included with Project Server is SharePoint which supports numerous collaboration activities associated with projects. Apps4Rent was the first company to offer hosted Project Server 2016 with plans starting at just $33/month, bringing this powerful product to the reach of the smallest of organizations. (See how Project Server 2016 improves upon 2013.)
We now offer three different versions of Project Server – 2016, 2013, and 2010 – in hosted, semi-dedicated and dedicated modes. All our Project Server plans include expert 24×7 support by phone, chat, and email.
If you are using an earlier version of Project Server and want to upgrade to the latest version (See Case Study), or you wish to migrate from an existing provider, we provide hassle-free expert migration service at no extra cost and with free 24×7 support.
Let us help you overcome the challenges of managing your Project Server implementation. Take a risk free 30-day trial now!
An Affordable Solution – Project Lite Combined With Project Online

A paper products company was looking to migrate to a cloud-based project management solution that would be used by all project participants, but at a lower per user cost compared to Project Server. Find out what solution Apps4Rent provided them.

Problems with your Online Project Management Software?


If you are part of an organization that already uses or is considering using a Project Management software to help you run your projects better, you may be facing one of the following challenges:

  • You have adopted an online Project Management software and your organization has now grown and needs a more powerful online project management tool.
  • Your online project management software tool does not integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft business software that your team uses extensively.
  • You already have individuals using Microsoft Project on their desktops and it may be worthwhile to provide anytime anywhere access with more sophisticated features.
  • Managing your in-house Microsoft Project Server is getting technically challenging, while your organization is still dependent on it.
  • You are overshooting your budget for managing your Project Server implementation.
  • You want to migrate to a newer version of Project Server or to the Cloud but are afraid of the risk of botching up the migration.
  • You want to move your in-house Project Server to the Cloud but you do not want to pay again for Project Server software licenses.
  • You want to keep the Project Server in-house but wish to outsource the management of the Project Server implementation to an outside vendor.
  • Your team is dispersed in multiple time zones and you need 24×7 support for Project Server.


If you are facing any or all of the above challenges, Apps4Rent can help you. We understand your needs and concerns and can provide you the right solution built around your particular situation. Here is how:

  • We bring deep Project Server hosting expertise.
  • We save you money by providing project server hosting services at the lowest price.
  • We ease you through the migration process with zero data loss and no downtime.
  • We provide 24×7 post-migration support through Microsoft Certified Professionals.
  • We save you time by solving complex project server related issues expeditiously.
  • We ensure your project runs uninterrupted.
Whether you want to migrate to the latest version of Project Server or you are facing difficulties managing your existing project server in-house, Apps4Rent has solutions for all your challenges. Speak to our 24×7 Microsoft Certified Project Server team waiting to answer your questions.

Our Project Server Solutions

Integrated SharePoint and Project Server

With Project server, you also get all the features of SharePoint Enterprise which facilitates various other advantages like creating intranet/extranet sites or promoting a SharePoint Task to your Project Task, checking the timeline, tracking projects to assigning tasks, among a host of other features.

The combined features of SharePoint and Project Server are:

  • Add Teams and Projects from within browser
  • Unique Project Site for each Project to collaborate with the team
  • Risk Analysis
  • Work Management
  • Resource Management
  • Time and Task Management
  • Timeline
  • Document Sharing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Workflows
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Schedule Management
  • Advanced Search Capabilities of SharePoint Infrastructure.
  • Collaborate and use all the features of SharePoint Enterprise.
Utilize the power of SharePoint and Project Server as one. All the dynamic features of SharePoint add up to the Project Server instance. The combined features of both improves your collaboration experience by manifold. Go for a 30-day risk free trial. Call now!


Manage your Projects from Anywhere

With diversified global teams working across various time zones and geographies, you need access to your project from anywhere at all times. Project server comes with browser based tool Project Web App (PWA) which lets you do that. It helps to keep track of your project and manage your resources effectively.
PMS helps you build a central data repository with high level of integration. With its centralized resource management capabilities and effective reporting functions, Project Server gives you more control over the project outcomes. You can view or edit reports, get status updates, check your newsfeeds or create a summary dashboard and do whole lot more from the browser.

Control Access to Content

Project Server is built on a SharePoint database. It combines the features of project management with the online collaboration power of SharePoint. This helps you keep a tight rein over the accesses to content that you want to give to your trusted users on the Project Server site.

For instance, you can restrict team members to only access certain features like uploading or viewing timesheets, while project managers can have access to the entire project site. It lets you add or remove users, assign permissions or delineate specific tasks to specific team members via the combination of our Control Panel and Project Server.

Access your Project Server site on-the-go through the browser based tool Project Web App (PWA) in Project Server site. Further, it helps you control access to content you want to give your users.

  • Project Server 2016:

    This version is the latest version of Project Server and many organizations had been waiting for Project Server 2016 to take the final leap to the platform. We are among the earliest to adopt and offer Project Server 2016. Just like its previous variants – this version of Project Server 2016 is also built on top of SharePoint Server 2016.

  • Project Server 2013:

    This version is the previous version of Project Server. The version included various improvement and was focused on reducing the time taken to manage your projects. Some significant improvements were made in PWA. One of the most significant difference was accessibility of PWA from any browser. The previous version had feature limitations for browsers.

  • Project Server 2010:

    This is an older version of Project Server which is still being widely used by many organizations.

Choose from three different versions of Project Server–2016, 2013, and 2010. A Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider for o365, we provide Microsoft Project Pro subscriptions.

Choose from Different Environments

  • Hosted (Multi-Tenant)

    This is ideal for small business and firms who would just like to use the features which are out-of-the-box. You will have access to the Project Server instance via browser and Project Professional client. Since this is designed for companies that do want to spend time inside a server, they come with a control panel from where users can be created and permissions assigned. You do not get access to the server but get access to the feature of Project Server. This includes 24 x 7 support via phone/chat and e-mail for your end users.

  • Semi-Dedicated (Flex)

    This is ideal for customers who are looking for a dedicated server solution but are on a limited budget. With Flex offering; you get full access to the Front End server-which is the Project Server. The database server is shared. This topology allows us to provide you with Project Server instance which is meant only for you at a reduced cost when compared to Dedicated Project Server environments. With this, you can remotely login into the Project Server environment and make changes the way you deem necessary. You can install custom applications or any third party application which your Project Server requires. The database instance is shared and hence you do not have remote access to the database server. Since you have full access to the Front End; you can do a whole range of customization and changes. Ideal for customers on tight budget but want to use all the features with customization. This is a managed server and includes 24 x 7 support via phone/chat and e-mail for your end users.

  • Dedicated Servers

    This is a managed offering. These are ideal for customers who are looking for full access to the Project Server instance as well as the Database instance. You get full remote access to the server. This allows you to install applications of your choice. This is as good as having a Project Server in house-if not better. We manage these servers-The server and its health is monitored 24 x 7. Critical services of the Project Server are monitored 24 x 7. We do the upgrades and install patches on the server. If you have your own licenses-then you can invoke License Mobility via Software Assurance and port your licenses to us. You can also create as many sites as you want. Fully scalable offering.

We provide managed services and licensing for your on-premises, Cloud, or hybrid Project Server solutions in hosted, semi-dedicated and dedicated modes.

Why Partner with Apps4Rent?


Our Experience as a Cloud Solutions Provider

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, if hosted solutions are a business critical requirement, you need a partner whom you can rely on. At Apps4Rent, we have differentiated our services by delivering value at every step of our association with customers. No wonder, we are the preferred partner of choice for more than 10,000 customers including Fortune 500 companies; most of them being repeat buyers.

As a testimony to our credence, here is a look at our Project Server and SharePoint experience:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner for Hosting and Collaboration & content
  • 2,00,000 users including from Fortune 500 companies and small & medium businesses
  • 13 years of experience in providing SharePoint and Project Server solutions
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals providing expert advice

We Offer the Widest Choice of Project Server Hosting Solutions

  • Choice of Project Server 2010, 2013, 2016 versions

    Whether you want Project Server 2016 version or want to continue with an existing Project Server version, we now offer three different versions of Project Server – 2016, 2013, and 2010, for you to choose from. In addition, as an Office 365 Cloud Solutions Provider, we can offer you the complete set of Microsoft business software applications that integrate well with Project Server.

  • Flexibility to choose from hosted, flex or dedicated modes

    Options to choose from hosted, semi-dedicated or dedicated modes, as per your requirement

  • Option to host with Apps4Rent, large Cloud providers, or on-premise or hybrid

    If you decide to host with us, know that our data centers are fully reliable with 24×7 monitoring. We also provide you the option to host with large cloud platforms such as Azure. Yet, if IPR protection is a business imperative, you can always opt for an on-premises plan. Further, if you want a mix of cloud and on-premises, we also facilitate hybrid cloud plan.

  • Easy migration from one version to another

    If you have been using an earlier version of Project Server but want to migrate to the subsequent or the latest version, we help you do that. We will guide you at every step and ease the migration process. Our in-house dedicated project server expert will be available at your beck and call to solve any queries or challenges that you might be facing in the transition process

  • Simple licensing process

    We provide you with hassle-free simple licensing process. Whether you want to purchase new licenses from us or intend to bring your existing licenses to our environment. Our diverse range of on-premise offerings tailor-made to your specific needs. You could choose to use your own software licenses and have us manage your infrastructure for a monthly fee; or use our licenses on your on-premise servers that we manage. Use your licenses or rent our licenses at an additional cost via Microsoft SPLA license.

  • Design, Setup, and Consulting

    We have expertise in setting up design IT infrastructure and software applications that can be used to support tens of thousands of corporate users. We can share this expertise with our customers who wish to implement on-premise or cloud solutions

Apps4Rent started offering Project Server 2016 hosting before anyone else did in the market. Our technical expert team supports 200,000 across 50 countries. What more, we provide Project Server solutions at the lowest rate in the market. Call our Microsoft Certified Project Server experts team now @1-866-716-2040 or take a 30-day risk free trial to evaluate us!

Security and Reliability

  • Secure and reliable infrastructure

    The entire Project Server offering is hosted in SSAE16 certified data centers. With clustered environments we provide 99.99% uptime guarantee

  • Data security

    Apps4Rent is the most reliable name in the market when it comes to the safety of customers’ data. We have earned this by putting customers’ data security on top of our priorities. In the last 13 years of our handling critical data, there has not been a single instance where customers’ data have been compromised.

  • Zero error delivery model

    We have a ‘zero error’ delivery model that guarantees uninterrupted, error-free service.

  • Disaster and recovery management capabilities

    In the event of disasters that are unwarranted or technical failure affecting our server networks, take comfort in the fact that we have built strong disaster management and recovery capabilities that ensure your data is safe, secured and not lost

  • Special security requirements

    We customize our service to align to the special security requirements of your organization

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, we have ensured that we put customers’ data security on top of our priorities. This has helped us cement our equity with customers.

Exceptional Service Available 24/7

  • Exceptional service with 24/7 support assistance

    All our Project Server plans include 24×7 expert support assistance through phone, chat, and email. Our experts are easy to reach. Not just the IT staff, even the end-users can contact us and have their issues resolved.

  • We are passionate about our products and delivering complete satisfaction

    Our unbridled passion when it comes to providing exceptional support assistance to customers, has earned us the moniker ‘support ninjas’. We obsess over the term ‘customer satisfaction’.

  • We tie your project teams together with our software and support

    Our support team assists companies with workforce across different time zones, we solve issues with quick responses and resolution. We listen to you carefully and minimize your interaction time and effort.

We focus on customer centricity. Our Support Ninjas (24×7 support team) ensure that your experience with us is the best you have ever had!

Low Pricing and Simple Payment Terms

  • Lowest Price

    Apps4Rent provides hosting services at the lowest price in the market. Our plans start from as low as $33 per month per user. For the 2nd user onwards, the rates are further slashed to $30 per month per user. If you opt for an annual plan, we provide you an additional 10% discount on the entire package.

    You can pay us on project basis or as per hourly rate of $65. Still you want further concessions, we do not charge you any setup fee for hosted software services. What else? You do not require to sign any contract and can start availing the service right from the word go.

  • Customized Plans and Service T&C

    Our Project Server plans are carefully designed and tailored to your usage needs. Unlike other providers that offer licenses in bulk, we let you ‘pay as you go’. You can increase or reduce the number of licenses as per your usage, without having to preempt your future usage requirements and paying for bulk, upfront. If you are not satisfied with our service, we provide you the option to cancel licenses anytime. So do not hesitate. Signup for a risk free trial today!

Our prices are lowest in the market. Yet we provide the highest quality of service. We let you ‘pay as you go’ as opposed to bulk pay, upfront. The flexible payment terms help you save huge costs.