The E and N series Nokia Phone and other Symbian based devices use Mail For Hosting Exchange as an application for synchronizing your mails; calendars and so on via ActiveSync with your Hosted Exchange Mail boxes.  In almost all cases Nokia E series phone already come bundled with Mfe.

If you dont have the application then you may need to download it from Nokia’s site.  You can download Mail For Exchange Servers by opening your Ovi store application from your device or download it on your desktop and install it via Nokia Ovi Suite.

The steps given below will help you in configuring an already installed Mail For Exchange Server Host Application.  This is for the latest version of Mfe.

1.   Open the Mail For Exchange application.  This is usually located under the Installations folder.
2.   Click on the Mail For Hosted MS Exchange.
3.   Select Edit Profile.
4.   Under “Connection”; please use these settings.
Exchange Server:
Secure Connection:   Yes.
Access point:   Select your Access point.
Use Default port:   Yes.
5.   Under “Credentials”; please use these details.
Username:   <<your e-mail address>>
Domain:   <<Leave this Blank>>
6.   Under Sync Schedule; setup the sync schedule.
7.   Similarly, setup your Calendar; Tasks and Other Settings.
8.   In the E-mail section; enter your e-mail address and save the changes.  Try Syncing.

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