NOTE:   Your mobile devices are synchronized via ActiveSync.  The steps are provided  in the Getting Started/Quick Start Guide PDF.  The steps below are for synchronizing your Contacts and Calendars from your Outlook to Mobile Devices.

1.   If you wish to synchronize your Contacts; Calendar entries and so on between your mobile devices and Outlook; you need to download a plugin Funambol from the following location.

2.  Once you have downloaded the application, you need to install this application.

NOTE:   Please ensure that you have administrator rights on the PC and Outlook is closed.  If you do not have administrative rights then, please contact your Internal IT or the person who has administrative rights on the PC.

3.   Once you have installed Funambol, please use the following details in Funambol.

Username:   Your e-mail address.
Password:   Your e-mail address password.

4.  Click on Synchronize All.

NOTE:  You can change the frequency of the the Sync by following these steps.

a.   Click on Tools in Funambol and select Options.
b.   Select on Sync.   
c.   Put a checkmark in “Synchronize Every” and select the frequency.
d.   Select OK.