A “split domain” is used when you need to have some of your e-mails with Apps4Rent’s Exchange Web Hosting and some with your existing POP3 provider or your in-house mail server.

Here are step by step instructions for setting up “split domain” functionality within your Apps4Rent hosted Microsoft Exchange account.

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1.   Open a hosted MS Exchange account with us using the domain that you want to use for Exchange server hosting.

2.   You will receive a welcome email with the login details.

3.   The welcome e-mail also has instructions to create your first e-mail account.  Please create the first e-mail account that you want to host with us.

4.   Create all your other users too from https://webmail.hostallapps.com/ecp.

5.   Create all the aliases that you wish to create.

6.   Send an e-mail to the Apps4Rent support, or contact us via chat to let us know you are setting up a split domain.  Please have your Domain Name or Username handy when contacting support.

7.   We will need to make certain changes from the backend.

8.   Finally, for each user; we will provide you with a different internal e-mail address.

9.   You need to setup the forwarder from your actual mail provider to the internal address that we provide.

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