Spelling check in OWA – Outlook Web Access

(Similarly in Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010)


Outlook Web Access can check spelling of outgoing messages for you. You can configure Outlook Web Access to automatically check the spelling of every message you send.

Spell Check Options

1. Click on Options.

2. Select Spellings.

Check options based on your requirment.

Ignore words in UPPERCASE: This option when enabled ignores words that contain only uppercase letters, such as acronyms.

Ignore words with numbers: This option when enabled ignores words that contain numbers.

Always check spelling before sending: This option when enabled checks the spelling for every message when you click the Send button. The message will not be sent until spelling has been checked. Errors are indicated by wavy red lines. To correct the spelling, you can right-click the misspelled word and choose the correct spelling.

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