To create a Data Form Web Part Below steps need to be performed :

1.  Open a page on a Microsoft SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer.

2.  To insert a Data Form Web Part, first select a Web Part Zone and choose Insert Data View from the Data View menu.

3.   A Data Source Library Task Pane will appear displaying the available data sources for the current site.

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4.   Select an existing SharePoint List for eg “task” and choose the Show Data option.

5.   The Data Source Details will appear in the Task Pane displaying the fields from the list  “task” i.e the list selected in step 4.

6.   You can now select the fields you would like to display in our Data Form Web Part. By clicking on fields while holding Control, you can select multiple fields and then choose to insert those fields as a multiple item view. You now have a Data Form Web Part.

7.   Next you need to save the page. Once you save, you will receive this message:

“Saving your changes will customize a pager from the site definition. Are you sure want to do this ?
This prompt does not indicate an error,it simply warns you that saving will customize the page.

8.  Once saved, Data Form Web Part will look very similar to an out of the box List View Web Part.

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