The steps given below are useful if you would are trying to play a audio file on your Apps4Rent’s Hosted Desktop; VDI or Hyper-V Servers.

NOTE:   These steps need to be performed on your local desktop/machine and not on the Hosted Desktop/VDI or the server you have with us.

1.   Click on Start and type mstsc.

NOTE:   Windows Vista and Windows 7 customers can click on Windows Button and R at the same time.

2.   Type mstsc.

3.   Click on Options.

4.   Type the login name which will be in the format HOSTALLAPPS\username

5.   Click on Local Resources Tab.

6.   Click in Settings inside the Remote Audio.

7.   Select Play on this Computer.

8.   If you also wish to record from your microphone on to the server then select-Record from this computer.

9.   Click OK.