Diagnosing and troubleshooting intermittent connectivity issues between Microsoft Outlook email and MS Exchange Server:

There are various reasons why Outlook might face intermittent connection problems with Microsoft Exchange Server. Most often, the issue does not lie with Apps4Rent servers or its locations. This is mainly because of the cluster hosting environment we use for Hosted Exchange 2007 email mailboxes. Our cluster environment ensures that your emails are not affected. You may also want to read another document related to Network Latency. Some steps in both these documents are similar due to similarity in the causes and symptoms.

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—Situation 1:

First, disable your anti-virus software; ad-blocker; and/or firewall. Check if this fixes your problem. To isolate the cause, we would recommend that you connect directly to the Internet; without a firewall or proxy. If you are able to connect to our services while bypassing your Proxy or your Firewall then the connection issue between Exchange Server and Outlook is probably related to your firewall or proxy.

Please ensure that port 443 is open in your firewall or proxy.

You can try browsing https://webmail.apps4rent.com and see if you are able to access it. If you are able to access the Webmail services then the issue may be with your Outlook is configured or some other desktop setting that effects the connection between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Please try the follow:

a. Restart Outlook and verify the connection status in the lower right hand corner of the window is not set to offline. If it is then deselect it.
b. Hold the CTRL key down, click on the Outlook icon in the System Tray and select Connection Status. The box will show you the connection status and every line should say Established or Connecting. Also, the ideal average response time should be below 400ms.

—Situation 2:

Always ensure that your system is updated with latest patches and upgrades for your Windows OS, Microsoft Office, and anti-virus programs. You can also run a free anti-virus scan at


—Situation 3:

If you are using any plugins with Outlook we recommend that you start your MS Outlook in Safe mode so as to isolate the cause and see if any plugin or extension is causing this issue. To start Outlook in Safe mode, please follow these steps:

1. Click on Start and select Run.
2. Type Outlook.exe /safe

If you are able to connect to the Exchange service in Safe Mode then the issue might be with a plugin. Disable all your plugins and then enable them one plugin at a time and see which is causing the connection to drop between Outlook and Exchange.

—Situation 4:

Please ensure that Outlook has been setup in the right manner. Make a backup of your .PST (if you have any; and then reinstall Outlook). You can get the steps for your Outlook settings here. If this does not allow you to troubleshoot the intermittent connectivity issues between MS Outlook and MS Exchange then please continue reading.

You can try to run “Detect and Repair” for your MS Office/MS Outlook program. Please note that you might need the setup CD to run this. If the CD is handy, then proceed.

1) Click on Start and goto Control Panel.
2) Double-click on the Add or Remove Programs icon.
3) Locate Microsoft Office; click Change.
4) Select Reinstall and Repair; click Next.
5) Select Reinstall Office; click Install.
6) Insert Office Setup CD if prompted.
7) Restart your computer after the process is complete.

If none of the above situations hold true or your issue is still not fixed after following the above steps; then please do a traceroute to see where the actual connectivity issue lies.

1) Click on Start; Select Run.
2) Type cmd and press Enter.

In the command prompt Window type the following:

tracert webmail.apps4rent.com

Check for packet drops. Every time a router drops packets you will get a *. Also, check if there is time lag of more that 200 ms on hops. The router where you get * might be having issues and hence its dropping packets. Another possibility is it might be with your ISP end, elsewhere on the Internet between Outlook and your hosted Exchange services, or even within your network. You should have your Network Administrator verify the traceroute results.

Also, tracert command gives you the best result if its run as the issue happens. You might have to run it multiple times to get a reasonable result.

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