Migration Procedure from Apps4Rent  Exchange 2007 Hosting account to Apps4Rent’s Hosted MS Exchange 2010 Accounts.

Moving from Apps4Rent Hosted Exchange 2007 account to Apps4Rent’s Exchange server host 2010 accounts is easy and these are the steps that needs to be followed.

These steps can also be downloaded as a PDF from here.

1.   Since Apps4Rent Hosted Exchange Server 2007  Offering and Apps4Rent’s Hosted Exchange 2010 offering are from two different platforms; you would need to signup with us once again from our website for Hosted Exchange 2010 offering.  Our Support Representatives can help you in signing up.

2.   Once you have signed up; you would receive a welcome e-mail with login details and instructions for setting up your first mailbox.  Please follow the steps.  Once you have created your first mailbox; you can login at https://webmail.hostallapps.com to add more users.

3.   You would need to create all the users; contacts and distribution lists in your new control panel.  Please double check that you  have added all the users; aliases; contacts; distribution lists.

4.   When you are all set; please contact us and have us change the routing on the firewall from the Exchange 2007 environment to the Exchange 2010 environment.  Once this is done; your mails will start flowing to our Exchange 2010 environment.

5.   Login into your Registrars Control Panel and remove your existing CName records which currently would be pointing to autodiscoverredirect.apps4rent.com.  The new value is autodiscoverredirect.hostallapps.com.

Old Exchange 2007 CName Value (before changing): autodiscover.yourdomainname.com—->autodiscoverredirect.apps4rent.com
New Exchange 2010 CName Value (after changing): autodiscover.yourdomainname.com—>autodiscoverredirect.hostallapps.com

Please replace the old Value with the new Value.

6.   Take a backup of your existing mails in Outlook via the Import/Export feature.  Steps for both the mails clients are given below.  Select the appropriate one.

Outlook 2007: https://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/how-to-export-your-existing-mails-from-microsoft-outlook-2007
Outlook 2010: https://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/how-to-export-an-outlook-2010-pst-file

7.   Take a backup of your Rules by following these steps.


8.   Setup a new profile for your new Hosted Exchange 2010 mailboxes using either the Automatic Configuration step or Manual Configuration.  Please select the relevant Mail Client and appropriate steps.

Automatic Configuration:

Outlook 2007: https://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/automatically-configure-microsoft-outlook-2007-to-exchange-2010
Outlook 2010: https://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/automatically-configure-outlook-2010-for-apps4rent-exchange-2010-services

Manual Configuration:

Outlook 2007: https://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/manually-configuring-outlook-2007-for-apps4rents-exchange-2010-services
Outlook 2010: https://www.apps4rent.com/support/kb/article/manually-configuring-outlook-2010-for-apps4rent%E2%80%99s-shared-exchange-2010-services

9.   Restore the back of the mails that you took in step 6 in your newly created profile.
10.  Restore the rules as per step 7.
11.  Verify, if data was migrated without issues.
12.  Cancel the account by following the cancellation policy located at http://www.apps4rent.com/cancel.html

Note: Apps4Rent can help you in taking the backup and moving them to your new Exchange mailboxes at additional charges.

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