How to add and manage Distribution Groups in Microsoft Exchange 2010?

1.   Log into the Exchange Control Panel and Select ‘See All Options’ on the left hand side of the screen.

2.   From the right hand side; select ‘Manage My Organization’.  This option is located on Top Right Hand Side.

3.   Click on ‘Users and Groups’.

4.   Under the ‘Distribution Groups’ Section; click on ‘New’.

5.   Enter the Display name, Alias, Email address, Description if any.

6.   By default, you will be the Owner of the Group.  You can change the ownership of the group by adding additional owners by clicking on Add Button under the ‘Ownership’ block.

7.   To add users to this Distribution group, Click on Add.  This is under the Membership block.  You will see list of users that can be added.

NOTE:   Under the Membership section, you can add group owners as members (Clear the Add group owners as members check box if you don’t want owners to be members)

8.   You can define the behavior for the Group membership by choosing the relevant option.

9.   Click OK after entering and selecting the required information.

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