Changing a language in CRM consists of two aspects.  First aspect has to be handled by your Dynamic CRM administrator.  The second is the user himself/herself.

Changes Administrator has to do:

1.    Login into CRM.

2.   Click on Settings.

3.   Click on Administration.

4.   Click on Languages.

5.   Select the Language.

6.   Click on Apply.  (This step might take few minutes).  Please do not close the browser.  Let the process complete.  Once the process is completed; the user has to follow these steps given below.

Steps User needs to follow to change the Language.

These steps can be successfully carried out only if the above given steps have been taken care off.  These steps have to be followed by the user who wants to use a language other than the default language.

1.   Click on File.

2.   Click on Options.

3.   In the Pop-up select Languages.

4.   Select the Language from the Drop Down.

5.   Click on OK.

Once the process is completed; Logout and login again.