Note: These settings are applicable only for Apps4Rents Hosted Exchange 2010 customers.

IMAP Settings:

These steps will come handy when configuring mail clients/applications with IMAP settings.

Incoming Mail Settings:

Outgoing Mail Settings:

Incoming Server Port:   993.

Outgoing Server Port:   587.

Other Settings:   My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication.

Settings for Outlook:

1.     Click on Start and go to Control Panel of your desktop.

2.     Click on Mail Icon in Control Panel.

3.       Please click on Show Profiles and select Add [Type in the desired name you would like to give for the profile].

4.     Select Manually Configure Server Settings and hit next.

5.     Click on Internet Email and then hit Next.

6.     In the Account Type Section, select  IMAP accounts accordingly.

*Enter the Name: Type your name

*Email address: Your email address

*Incoming and Outgoing Mail server:

*Username: <Type your email address>

*Password: <Type your emailpassword>

7.     Click on More Settings and go to Advanced.

8.     Enter the Incoming Server (IMAP): 993

9.     Check the Box for This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)

10.   Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587

11.   Use the following type of encrypted connection: select Auto or TLS.

12.   Click OK.

13.   Click Next and then finish.

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