To save Passwords for Apps4Rents Exchange Hosting Services 2010 customers using Outlook hosting 2010 please follow these steps.

NOTE: These steps have been tested with Apps4Rents Hosted Exchange Services 2010 accounts configured under hosted Outlook 2010 with Windows 7.  However, these steps should also work for Apps4Rent’s Exchange 2007 hosting accounts and with Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista (except Home Editions).  The key here is the Operating System.  This should work with Windows Vista (except Home Edition) and Windows 7.

The steps involve making changes on your local PC under Windows Credential Manager.

1.   Click on Start button and Select Control Panel.
2.   Select Windows Credentials Manager.
3.   Click on ‘Add a Windows credential’.  This is located on the Right hand side.  Other way of locating this is to first locate the Word ‘Back up vault'; Below the ‘Back up vault'; you would see the option ‘Windows Credentials’ in Bold.  In the same line you would see the option ‘Add a Windows Credential’.
4.   In the ‘Internet or Network Address’ field type *
5.   In the Username field enter your username.  Your username is your e-mail address that you using to login into Outlook and OWA.   For example:
6.   In the password field; enter your password and hit OK.
7.   Repeat steps 2-6 again; and this time add the Internet or Network Address as *

NOTE: Apps4Rent strongly recommends that if you are using a laptop or a any such device then do not save the password; as if your laptop is stolen/or lost; your mails will be easily accessible to anyone who gets access to your laptop.

If you still get prompted for passwords; then reboot your PC and try to Open Outlook again.  If you are prompted for password even after rebooting your PC; you may want to follow the steps given here.

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