Note:    These steps best work with IE 7 or higher.  SharePoint Foundation 2010 works best with IE 7 or higher.  Under test conditions we used Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Note: Please ensure that you have access and right permissions to the relevant section in the SharePoint site.  In this case, the Document Library.

1.   Log into SharePoint.
2.   In the Quick Launch menu, click on Shared Documents, located in the Documents section.
3.   Under the Library tab, click on Connect to Outlook in the Ribbon.
4.   If you get an IE Security Warning; click on Allow.  This is by Design.
5.   Your mail mail client will open and prompt you for credentials.  Enter your credentials.
6.   Click on Yes for the Security Information from Outlook.  This is by Design.
7.   Your SharePoint documents will now appear in your Outlook client.