Instructions for creating and editing master pages in SharePoint sites

A master page contains the page design and layout elements that you want to repeat on multiple pages in a site. Using master pages for these common elements gives your site a more consistent appearance.A master page can contain anything that you can put on a Web page such as the Quick Launch, the top link bar, the title, and the logo. Every site has one master page by default which is stored in the Master Page Gallery.

You can create a new master page by using a Office SharePoint Designer 2007. You can also duplicate an existing master page, which you can then edit to change the elements that you want to be different. To apply the master page to a Web page you have to use Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

The following steps need to be performed for creating a master page:

You don’t have to create a master page each time you create a new site. Every site has one master page by default. To create a master page, you can edit and save a copy of an existing master page.

1. First go to Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010.
2. Click on Open New Site.
3. Select the SharePoint Site you want to open.
4. You will be asked to login to your SharePoint Site. Login using your credentials.
5. Click on the Master Pages option on the left-hand side.
6. Copy and paste an existing master page.
7. Rename the copied master page.
8. Click on the newly created master page.
9. Click on Edit file option.
10.Once you land up on the Editor mode, make the desired changes. (Please note: You get to view the master page in three views, i.e., design view, split view, and code view.)
11. Once the edits are done, click on the save button.
12. Now go back to the place from where you opened the folder.
13. Right click on the newly created master page folder and select ‘set as default master page’ option.
14. Now go back to your SharePoint site.
15. Hit the Refresh button.
16. You will see that your new Master Page is created.

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