Step by step instruction on how to embed a Google Map into Microsoft SharePoint site. :

1. Surf to Google Maps

2. In the text box on Google Maps enter the address which you want to display on your SharePoint website

3. Click on the Link button above the map on the right

4. Click on the Customize and Preview Embedded Map link

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5. Second window of Google maps will open

6. Select the appropriate or custom map size you wish to display on your MS SharePoint web page

7. Copy the HTML map link code

8. Open the SharePoint website and Browse to the page where you want to add Google Map

9. Click on Site Actions -> Edit Page

10. Click the Zone where you want to add the map and click on the Add a Web Part link

11. A new Add a Web Parts dialogue box will open

12. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and select the Content Editor Web Part and click on Add

13. The Content Editor Web Part will now appear on the page

14. To add your map link to the Content Editor Web Part click on the Open the Tool Pane link

15. In the Tool Pane’s Content Editor section click on the Source Editor button

16. A Text Entry Dialog Window will open

17. Paste the HTML map link code information previously created from Google

18. Click Save

19. Click Apply and/or Save in the Tool Pane and save your web part

Note: This is may not work for SSL enabled web application and scenarios where ISA or proxy is configured.

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