With Apps4Rent Hosted Exchange 2010 Services you get 100 MB of SharePoint Space.  To create your SharePoint Site, please follow these steps.

1.   Please visit Control Panel and login using the details provided in your Welcome e-mail.

2.   Click on Hosted Organization.

3.    Click on Create New Organization and enter the details.  Here are the guidelines for adding the Organization ID:

  • It has to be unique on the server.
  • Name must start with a letter.
  • It can ONLY contain Numbers and Letter.
  • Should not be longer the 9 characters.
  • Should NOT contain space or special characters.

4.    Add a domain.  You can either add your own domain name or use the internal domain with a prefix for the SharePoint site.  To add a domain; please follow these steps.

  • Select Domain Names from left panel and click on “Add New Domain” button.
  • Enter the domain name for example:   demoadmin.com.  This is the domain name using which you will be able to create the login names too.  Technically this can be a domain name which may not be a SharePoint site domain.
  • Set the newly added domain to default domain and click on “Set Default Domain”.
  • Add your SharePoint site URL for example:   sharepoint.demoadmin.com and the list of domains for SharePoint site will be displayed as below.

5.    Click on Users option from the left panel.

  • Add a user using the default domain by clicking on Users.
  • Click on Create New User.
  • Enter the details.

6.    Click on Create “New Site Collection”.

7.    From the drop down select the domain for which you need to create the SharePoint site.  In this case we will select sharepoint.demoadmin.com as the SharePoint site URL.  You will have created a similar URL in the steps above at 4-d.

NOTE:   You cannot create a SharePoint site with the domain that is xxxxx.spf.hostallaps.net

8.    Assign the Owner by clicking on the ‘Book’ icon next to Owner option.

9.    Click on the user that you created now.  For demo we created a user call as “Demoguy”.  You will see your user that you created.

10.    Select the Locale ID (Language).

11.    Enter the Title and Description.

  • Title will be visible in site header.
  • Description will be visible when you open site on the top of the main site page.

12.    Contact your Domain Registrar or your DNS Provider and have them add the following CName record.

<Sharepointsite.domainname.com>–> sharepoint.hostallapps.com

Based on the example that was discussed here, we created a SharePoint site for sharepoint.demoadmin.com.  The CName in this case will be
Sharepoint.demoadmin.com-> sharepoint.hostallapps.com

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