How to add contacts in Microsoft Exchange 2010?

1.   Log into the Exchange Control Panel and Select ‘See All Options’ on the left hand side of the screen.

2.   From the right hand side; select ‘Manage My Organization’.

3.   Click on ‘Users and Groups’.

4.   Under the “External Contacts” Section, click on New and enter the following information.

a.   First name, Initial, Last name: These fields aren’t required and they don’t appear in the address book.

b.   Display name: This name appears in the address book, on the To: and From: lines in e-mail, and in the External Contacts list in the Exchange Control Panel. It’s required. You can enter the first and last name of the contact here too.

c.   Alias: An alias is used to identify the external contact. The contact’s alias is required and is a unique identifier for this external contact in your organization.

d.   External e-mail address: Enter the outside e-mail account of the external contact here. It’s required. E-mail sent to this contact is forwarded to this e-mail address.

5.   Enter the required Information and the click Save.

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