How to setup and configure Outlook 2010 with MS Exchange Server.

1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel of your desktop.

2. Click on Mail Icon in Control Panel of your desktop.

3. Please click on Show Profiles and select Add [Type in the desired name you would like to give for the profile].

4. Select Manually Configure Server Settings and hit Next.

5. Select Microsoft Exchange and hit Next.

6. Type in the Microsoft Exchange server name EXMBX01.

7. Ensure Use Cached Exchange Mode is enabled.

8. In the user name section type in the complete email address

9. Do not hit Check Name.

10. Click on More Settings.

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11. Goto Connections Tab.

12. Put a check mark on Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.

13. Click on the button Exchange Proxy Settings.

14. In connection settings type in the box

15. Put a check mark on Connect using SSL Only.

16. Ensure there is a check mark on Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate.

17. Type the following in the below box:

18. Ensure both the boxes below for fast and slow network is checked.

19. Under Proxy authentication settings select NTLM Authentication from the drop down list then hit OK.

20. Do a Check Name and it would prompt for the login credentials [Username: complete email address / Password].

21. Once it gets authenticated; server name and username would have an underline.

22. Hit Next and Finish the setup process.

23. Open Outlook and it would again prompt for the login credentials for authentication.

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