NOTE: This document is applicable only for customers using Apps4Rents Hosted Exchange 2010.

Please follow the steps given below to Auto Configure Outlook 2010 with Hosted Exchange 2010 Account:

1.    Click on Start > Control Panel (in your Desktop).
2.    Double Click on ‘Mail’ icon.
3.    Click on ‘Show Profiles’.
4.    Click on ‘Add’.
5.    Provide a name (Can provide the user’s display name) and click on OK.
6.    Fill in the details and click on ‘Next’.
7.    The Auto Configuration wizard will automatically search for the settings for the user’s account on the server and will configure Outlook.
8.    Please type in the password for the email address you are configuring and click on OK.
9.    Your account is configured successfully, once you receive this message.

To download these procedures with images; download the PDF at the following link:

Download Here.

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