Note: You need to be the administrator and have access to Control Panel as well as Exchange Control Panel to follow these steps.

1.   To add aliases, you need to login into our control panel and the click on Exchange Hosting Mode.
2.   Click on Add Domains.
3.   Enter the domain name without www.
4.   Click Update.
5.   Login into your Exchange Control Panel.
6.   Goto Options and select Show all Options.
7.   Select Manage Organization.
8.   Goto Users and Groups.
9.   Select the user for which you need to add the alias.
10.  Click on E-mail options.
11.  Click on Add.
12.  Enter the email address part before @symbol.  For Example if the e-mail address is; then just enter john.doe.
13.   Select the relevant domain from the drop down.
14.   Click OK.

Please ensure that you have added the MX records for the new domain name and set it to: with Priority 10 and with Priority 10.

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