If you are serious about project management, think of Microsoft Project Server.

Project Management Software

While there are numerous vendors offering enterprise project management software, going with a solution from Microsoft is easier because of the familiar look and feel of Microsoft business software. For larger or dispersed organizations, desktop based project management systems lack the depth and collaboration features.
Microsoft Project Server 2010, built on SharePoint Server 2010 as a base, offers flexible work management solutions. And now, Apps4Rent has lowered the barrier to entry for this powerful project management software with its hosted Project Server 2010 plans, as seen below.

The Project Server 2010, an enterprise project management system, allows integrated management and organization of an assortment of tasks across the entire project life cycle. It enables enterprises to optimize resources, and perform tasks competently. Some other noteworthy features of Microsoft enterprise project management software include project initiation and business case development, portfolio selection, prioritization of business strategy, capacity planning, online project editing, friendly user interface, easy reporting structure, Microsoft Exchange server integration, easy administration, and extended interoperability.

Features of Microsoft Project Management Software

  • Built on SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft enterprise project management software uses business intelligence for easy report creation and powerful control panels. It allows for data review and approval via workflow. It utilizes SharePoint Enterprise search feature to find people and extract data quickly. This project management system makes use of blogs, wikis, discussion forums, etc.for effective communication across the enterprise project team.
  • Microsoft Project Server enables you to have control over your assets throughout the project period. It allows you to define your project types and customize workspace template, as well as standardize data collection.
  • This Microsoft enterprise project management system allows you to choose the portfolio that best suits your business strategy and organization’s structure.
  • It allows you to look at various dimensions of your business portfolio and then provides the means for efficient portfolio prioritization.
  • Microsoft’s enterprise project management system is browser based and thus allows for edits from anywhere.
  • Microsoft Project Server is based on friendly user interface that offers a consistent experience across Project Professional 2010, Project Standard 2010, and Project Server 2010.
  • Microsoft project management system’s familiar and flexible interface saves time and improves reporting experience.
  • The project management system’s integration with Exchange Server enables you to get updates on a project’s status in your Outlook inbox.
  • Microsoft Project Server’s extended interoperability with other Microsoft products works as an added benefit as it provides a well-connected job management platform.