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A leading provider of wireless data services, Verizon Wireless coverage has been consistently rated as “excellent”. Recent Verizon Android phone offerings, also called “Verizon Droid” have turned the wireless provider into a widely accepted option for business voice and data plans. Take a moment to look at hosted Exchange offers from Apps4Rent once you’ve selected your Verizon Android phone and plan. Our services not only provide top-notch data security and informed support, but excellent pricing options as well. We help your corporation’s bottom line for networking costs.Although some Android phones use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology, every Verizon Android phone offering uses CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology Faster than GSM, CDMA allows over 3.1MB per second data transfer rates As well, CDMA technology allows more Verizon Droid phone users per tower than GSM does.

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Easy Terms

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Verizon Android Phones

Verizon Droid phones include visual voicemail, Google Maps, Google Calendar and the Android Market, as well as push Gmail and Exchange, Bluetooth, and text/picture/video messaging They range in price from $559 to $49.99 if you buy them online, depending on the service Verizon Android phones include:

  • Droid by Motorola
  • Droid Incredible by HTC
  • LG Ally
  • Motorola Devoir with MOTOBLUR
  • Droid Eris by HTC

Verizon Droid plans – additional fees:

  • Activation: $35 per line
  • Early termination: up to $350 per line
  • Monthly Federal Universal Service Charge: 14.1% of interstate/international telecom charges
  • Monthly Regulatory Charge: 7 cents per line
  • Monthly Administrative Charge: 92 cents per line

Verizon Android Business Email/Data ande Calling Plans

Verizon Droid phones all require data packages of $29.99 or higher. For corporations, Verizon Android phones have the corporate and personal email plan for $44.99 as an add-on or $49.99 as a stand-alone, with $0.25/minute for voice usage. Verizon Droid email solutions offer unlimited email and web browsing, Exchange ActiveSync and Wireless Sync.

Verizon Droid also offers several calling plans, should your corporation need a high amount of voice traffic as well as email and data services. Verizon Android calling plans include no long-distance/ domestic roaming charges, Mobile Web capabilities, unlimited calling between customers and unlimited nights/weekends.

Talk only plans for single lines range from $39.99 to $69.99, and $59.99 to $89.99 for talk/text and range from 450 minutes to unlimited. For businesses with more than four lines, talk only plans range from 450 minutes to 6,000 They range in price from $39.99 to $199.99 for talk only and $59.99 to $219.99 for talk/text.

When choosing your Verizon Droid plan, keep in mind that using Exchange ActiveSync without unlimited messaging may include charges for incoming text messages.

Additional fees and surcharges may apply. As plans and associated conditions may change, it is best to refer to the Verizon Wireless website for the latest and most accurate information.

Verizon Android plans vary, and it may be hard to decide which plan is best for your business needs and individual employees. Before choosing your Verizon Droid voice, text and data plans, pay attention to your corporate needs. The more employees need to connect to the corporate network, the more in depth your Verizon Android plan needs to be. However, for most corporations, Apps4Rents hosted Exchange package works best with Verizon Droid unlimited email/data plan, mixed with a high, shared voice calling plan.