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FAQs for Azure

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft Platform. It includes a collection of integrated applications which have been designed for cloud and Azure platform. With Azure you could purchase resources in the cloud and install your own applications or complete IT infrastructure. Alternately, there are various services within Azure which you could purchase out of the box. So for example; organizations could move SAP environment to Azure or host website/marketing content on Azure infrastructure. Similarly, businesses could use out of the box e-commerce solutions or increase their reach by using various out-of-the-box mobility solutions.


How do we add value?

Azure is a very complex platform. It can take a while to understand the entire platform and customers may need to spend hours to make some sense out of the platform. With so many options available within Azure for deployment-it can get overwhelming. Besides, the platform is unmanaged.

Customer can purchase Azure from us. For Azure, a customer would pay Apps4Rent the same amount as they would have paid to Microsoft, if he was to purchase from Microsoft.

Now, this is where we add value. We will help the customer understand Azure platform. We will manage and monitor the Azure environment for him. He will need to purchase our Azure administration plans. These management plans are priced differently. He can purchase these plans even if he has purchased Azure directly from Microsoft.

Some key points we need to emphasize on irrespective of what Azure Management plan customer purchases.

a. We provide 24 x 7 support via phone, chat, and e-mail.
b. We will manage the server, instance, and the platform for him.
c. We have been in business doing this for more than 13 years.
d. We manage our own Exchange; SharePoint; Project Server environments which are 100% redundant. We leverage these many years of experience to monitor and manage servers and instances on Azure.
e. We are Microsoft Partner with Gold competency in “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions”; “Hosting” along with Silver competency in “Cloud Platform”
f. Our support engineers are Microsoft Certified and many of them have worked on key positions in Microsoft. These engineers are experts on Azure platform.


What are the Azure Management plans?

There are three types of Azure Management Plans.

1. Azure Basic.
2. Azure Advanced.
3. Azure Professional.


What is the main difference between these plans?

NOTE: All our plans include 24 x 7 support via phone/chat and e-mail.

Azure Basic: Here we will only monitor the server and instances from outside without logging into the server. We will also monitor Azure platform for outages and co-ordinate with Microsoft. We will not troubleshoot any issues on the server or restart services. We will only monitor the overall health of the servers and instances. So if there are CPU spikes then we will inform the customer about the bottleneck and with possible solution. We will not perform OS maintenance. We will only add more resources to existing VM’s or reduce resources.

Azure Advanced: This will include everything that Azure Basic has; plus, virtual machine and the OS will be managed by us. We will monitor the health of the server and essential services. If a service goes down we will login into the server and mitigate the issue. We will do upgrades of the OS and install patches. This plan includes deployment and on-going management of the current servers/instances. We will also configure and troubleshoot issues on existing VM at OS level.

Azure Professional: This will include everything that Azure Basic and Azure Advanced has. Besides, we will manage the application too. We will perform upgrades at the OS as well as at the application level too. We will also configure and troubleshoot issues across the VM; OS as well as the application.


In Azure Basic-we say that the support is at “Azure platform level.” What does that mean?

Azure platform means the Azure portal. All activities which we can carry out from within the Azure Portal without logging into the server will be carried out. Any activity for which we need to login into the server comes under the Advanced plan and customer would need to upgrade to Advanced Plan.


If a customer has redundant servers and wants to purchase our management plan, will he need to pay for the redundant servers?

Yes. We will need to install tools on all the servers and react to the alerts. Depending upon his plan, we would also be updating the OS and/or application even on redundant server. So even redundant servers will need to covered under management plan.


Will you create templates for me to deploy?

With Azure Advanced and Azure Professional, we will help you in creating the ARM which can be deployed.



Why should I buy the Azure Management plan if I can purchase directly from Microsoft?

This is definitely a viable option. However, this can be very challenging as Azure platform is quite complicated. It takes a lot of technical expertise to stand up the environment, right-size the deployment, and ensure the workload is migrated correctly so there are no setbacks. Without the right expertise on the Azure side, customers may end up spending lot of time and still leave glaring holes.

Additionally, once your workload is in the cloud, customers will need to maintain and manage it. Azure can be huge investment and using the investment optimally can be a challenge. As a Service Provider we are here to offload the burden of maintaining the cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your core business goals.


My environment is very complicated and we have lots of servers.

Azure supports Hybrid Cloud Setup. So we can work with the customer and design a migration strategy based on his requirement. Some aspects of his application and infrastructure can stay on-premises while we slowly move them to Azure.